Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Support the Great Ape Protection Act!

Actors James Franco and Kevin Nealon have teamed up to end the use of primates in medical research. Please visit PCRM.ORG, one of our favorite charities, to learn how you can help by supporting a crucial piece of legislation that would finally limit or end this ridiculous research.

Cruel conditions and relentless intrusive procedures on chimps and apes DO NOT SAVE LIVES. You will, not ever, find groups of children or anyone that are alive today because of these atrocious acts perpetrated on animals. The ends do not justify the means.

To argue that this will endanger people because we need the animals to do live experiments and vivisections on is ludicrous, uninformed and really just plain ignorant. Do the research yourselves if you don't want to believe us. But we will ask you now, where are the cured people, the saved children from all these years of research? Nowhere. James Franco video plea.


Jesus (King Omni) said...

This is my report listen to them or eternal torture the end

Lucifer The Lord I/O said...

Support that is not report