Sunday, January 29, 2012


Novak Djokovic 2012 Austrialian Open Champion

There were no losers in the epic men's championship in Australia today. Two champions of the sport gave their ALL in an unrelenting battle that lasted just 7 minutes shy of SIX HOURS, setting a record for the longest final in Open history.

Novak Djokovic edged out Rafael Nadal in a 5-set barnburner that brought the roof down in Melbourne.

We've never seen anything like it - EVER - and we've been watching for the better part of over 30 years. It was a mind-blowing contest, a match for the fucking ages. Nothing has ever come close to the sheer physical battle and test of willpower that these two men gave us today. NOTHING.

It was such a long match that in the end both men were left in utter shock. They were on the very edge of collapse, needing chairs to sit in for the ceremony, both in danger of not even being conscious for the trophies! In our opinion, Novak and Rafa desperately needed medical attention and stood just long enough to receive the trophies.

There were no jubilant victory dances today. No, Novak Djokovic was left barely able to stand as he took his award and he and Rafa gave very brief statements before probably pitching headfirst into stretchers for a host of medical treatments.

It was truly the most epic match of all time and we watched every single second.

The first set led to a Rafa Nadal lead, as he nabbed it 7-5. Novak took it from there with an easy next 2 set lead 6-3, 6-5.

That's when just 5 points shy of the win, over 4 hours in, Rafa got fired up to win the 4th set and force a 5th.

Novak and Rafa were hitting rallies that would put other players to shame, each demonstrating why they are number one and two in the world, while in the midst of their 5th hour on the court. Lesser men would have collapsed but these champs braved the humidity and heat of Melbourne, the brief rainstorm that swept inside before the delay of the roof closure, and the bugs and crazy ass loud birds of Australia dropping feathers all over the place at one point to give the world the best tennis match in the history of the sport.

No losers today. These guys are the real deal.
Hats off and a twenty-one gun salute for Novak and Rafael,
two of the most tired champs you'll ever see.