Friday, January 27, 2012

Australian Open - Men's Update

Novak overcomes and perseveres against 4th seed Andy Murray

We haven't posted many updates on the Australian Open this year because quite frankly there hasn't been any earth shattering news or major barn burners until the semis.

Yesterday the world was treated to the 10th Grand Slam match between #2 and #3 seeds, Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer.

Rafa prevails as a downcast Roger stands and stares

Honestly, for the first time in years, it seemed that Roger had the advantage going into the match with Rafa looking slightly hobbled by a knee injury.

Alas, No.

It went 4 sets with the feisty fucking Spaniard winning again (that's 8 of 10, for those keeping count). Rafa is one tough bastard. Just look at him up there rocking a lime green shirt and royal blue headband!

Today was another treat as #1 Novak Djokovic played #4 Andy Murray.

Would Andy Murray finally break the streak and win to advance to finals? Could he?

Fuck no. The poor kid just cannot seal the deal, even with an obviously off-his-game Novak huffing and puffing away - breathing through his nose!

For those of you who missed the interview the other day with Novak and Jim Courier that breathing through the nose thing will always be hilarious! As Novak correctly pointed out to a red-faced Courier (who just worded the question wrongly), humans are supposed to breathe through their nose.

So Murray is back off to Scotland and it's a Rafael Nadal - Novak Djokovic final!!!!!

Murray grits and grins but cannot win

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Anonymous said...

Breathing through his nose!! LMAO. God Bless Novak and God Bless Serbia!1 Novak-cane strikes again!! First he numbs ya witht he dosage of novacane then he puts ya to sleep!! LOL. Let's hope Murray can wake up from this one??