Friday, January 20, 2012

Remembering the Good Doctor

Today would have been DeForest Kelley's 92nd birthday. He passed away in 1999 and is remembered most for his iconic character, Dr. "Bones" McCoy, on Star Trek.

Dee, to his friends and Trekkies everywhere, was of course awesome on Star Trek playing foil to Spock, but he was well known in Hollywood before that role.

His filmography is intense. He has over 129 acting credits, the vast majority coming from the 1950's and '60's when he was the bad guy in Western movies. He acted with Burt Lancaster, Anthony Quinn and Henry Fonda among a few. He was also in television acting for a young Gene Roddenberry who then cast the veteran actor as the lovable snarky doctor in Star Trek.

He was also a poet, publishing 2 books.

His cameo in the pilot ep of Star Trek: The Next Generation as a grizzled very old Dr. McCoy who comments to Data about the Enterprise, "Treat her like a lady and she'll always get you home", still brings a tear to our eye.

R.I.P! We still miss you and the thought of Mint Juleps.

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