Friday, January 6, 2012

Ireland Bans Puppy Farms!

A mistreated factory farmed Irish puppy

What a great day for all the unborn pups in Ireland!

No longer will unscrupulous greedy people be allowed to breed puppies in cruel and horrid conditions.

Apparently, Ireland was once the puppy farm capital of Europe and was shamed into legislation by undercover videos showing the shocking conditions of the farms.

The good people of Ireland have won and now the animals are protected by not one but TWO new laws that went into effect New Years Day.

They are the Welfare of Greyhounds Act and the Dogs Breeding Establishments Act.

"Local authority vets also have the right and obligation to inspect all breeding locations.

They can immediately shut down any kennels where animals are not being properly cared for.

All Irish puppies will be micro-chipped and can now be traced back to the breeder."

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