Friday, January 13, 2012

What the Pope Really Meant

Here's the future Pope saluting Hitler, a guy who KILLED 6-8 MILLION PEOPLE.
But thinks it's homosexuals that pose a problem for the world.
What a fucking psycho.

Pope Benedict (emphasis on dick), recently announced that gay marriage undermines 'the future of humanity itself'.

Really? We had no idea! You mean, gay people aren't just into marriage, commitment, love, good fashion and redecorating skills? They aren't just busy, working, living life, being surgeons, librarians, teachers, artists, office workers, taxi drivers and good citizens? You mean they've been secretly plotting to undermine the entire fabric of society as we know it!? This whole time?

Oh my god!

...Wait! We just figured out what the Pope really meant by "the future of humanity itself".

What he really meant was that gay marriage undermines 'the future of The Vatican bank book'.

Oh! Now, it makes sense!

You see, gay people don't usually procreate naturally (that whole ovum/sperm thing again) thus producing the 10-12 children the Catholic Church demands from each of it's married slaves parishioners, THUS, reducing the amount of INCOME The Vatican can expect to receive each year. So years into the future when those drones children reach marriage age, chose a heterosexual partner and continue the cycle of stupidity, procreation all over again, the Church has guaranteed income.

You did know that your sperm and ovum are the entire basis, kit and kaboodle and reason of being, for the Catholic Church revenue stream, right?

No sperm and ovum combo means no kids which means NO FUTURE MONEY!

NO FUTURE MONEY?? WHAT!? That undermines the entire future of humanity! HA! See where he gets it?

What an assclown.

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Anonymous said...

You summed it up perfectly!! What a disgrace these catholics have become!! Instead of changing with the times and accepting gays(more$)and allowing them to adopt(more$)......they choose to not allow them and continue to bash them as sinners!! Really...putting your penis in little boys isn't worse?? They also cover it up...sickening!! How many gay people are out there?? I thought god made no mistakes,he is infallible?? Then i guess he made a hell of alot of in the millions for years and years. Really??? Heil Hitler you stupid asshat wearing MotherFucker!!