Thursday, January 26, 2012

Fighting for Animals Lives in China

Dogs being transported to slaughterhouse
so they can be inhumanely killed for human consumption

"I believe China is going through a Chinese animal liberation movement, a bottom-up movement, gaining huge momentum in the past year, very much with the help of the Internet and [Chinese social networking site] Weibo, together with the younger generation growing up with cats and dogs as family pets," Deborah Cao, a professor at Griffith University in Australia who studies animal rights law,
told The New York Times last year."

Every dog has it's day and in China this is has never been so true.

As we've been reporting for the past year and a half, activists in China are WINNING what seemed a hopeless battle for animal rights there.

Time and time again in 2011, transport trucks like the one pictured above have been stopped in their tracks on roads all over China by quick thinking activists who have bartered for the dogs right in the street. The dogs have been SOLD to the activists for cash on the spot, rather than taken and sold for slaughter.

In the past, Chinese government and military would have stopped the citizens from showing signs of democracy, but that trend has stopped as more and more people have stepped up to show support for the animals. No arrests have ever been made in these street trades and greedy truck drivers have been okay taking cash instead of making the "fulfillment" at the slaughterhouses.

Baby steps, but steps forward indeed. China's record of human rights abuses have paled in comparison to what the animals go through. Things are changing though! And maybe through love of the animals, the people (government) will change towards humans too.

The dogs pictured above, all 800 of them, were rescued, taken from the cages and have been brought to a donated warehouse to be nursed back to health and adopted out. Read the article at the link below for more.

WARNING: Extreme images of the mistreatment of dog transports. The overall message is positive though. You must see it and understand what is happening in the world. And you can help!

News Article

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