Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Joe Pater-NO

Joe Paterno may have been deified in life and more so in death, but that does not excuse what he failed to do.

We cannot be resolute enough in this statement: Joe Paterno was only a football coach and he was an pedophiles enabler.

Through his direct inaction, and that of Penn State as well, children were anally raped repeatedly and god only knows what else FOR OVER TEN YEARS.

To elevate this guy as a god and a hero is beyond comprehension.

Sure, Joe was a good guy. But all that ended 10 years ago when he turned his back on responsibility and sided with a child molester.

It is BECAUSE Joe was "a good guy" that this is especially reprehensible. Child rapists are sick in the head, to put it simply, and that is the excuse given for their crimes. Enablers face a different problem. They are the good guys that for some reason - denial, greed, stupidity, whathaveyou - do nothing. And through that nothingness basically condone or let happen the continued molestation of innocent kids.

Also, what made Paterno so great in others eyes?

We've heard he donated to the school and especially to the library and scholarship programs. And? He was grossly overpaid and from students tuition's no less, so why shouldn't he give back? What is so fucking awesome about that? The alumni are hit every quarter with donation appeals and they give back a lot more collectively than Paterno. So what is the big deal about the library he built? It was the school's money anyway - THEY PAID HIM OUT OF STUDENT TUITION MONEY. This hero-worship is misguided.

They also said he "made men" and was a great influence. Gee! Really? Considering his position at the school, it seems the least he could do was be nice to people without telling every one to fuck off. He visited broken players in the hospital, too. WOW! Really? How special he was. For doing the bare minimum. He was their coach after all and part of a extensive Penn State PR program, do you really think he'd let players languish in hospitals without stopping in once a week? That was his JOB.

We just don't get it.

We're thankfully not alone although we're the minority.

Here's what a Pedophile Survivors Group has to say:

"The Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests said Monday that ignoring what it called Paterno's "egregious wrongdoing" is insensitive to victims of molestation.

"And publicly honoring Paterno sends precisely the wrong message to others who have or may hide child sex crimes -- if you achieve enough professionally, we'll overlook your role in enabling, ignoring or concealing heinous crimes against kids," the group said."

Amen, brothers.

And in Joe Pa's own words: “I didn’t know exactly how to handle it and I was afraid to do something that might jeopardize what the university procedure was,” he said. “So I backed away. I never heard of, of, rape and a man."

Yeah, he didn't mention the victims much. He was too worried about the school.

And this brings up another point.

Joe Paterno was in charge of college-aged football players. Yes, college-aged but still STUDENTS. Did he have training in anti-bullying control? Did he have training in dealing with abuse victims? Did he even understand school protocol detailing such things?

These are the issues Penn State has to deal with immediately. Call or write Penn State and demand that the teachers, coaches and staff there have this kind of training and understand school protocol.

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Anonymous said...

Great Job Omni!! This guy was far from a legend he was the opposite!!He was as you say an enabler and he never heard of man rape?? Really? Really? I get the feeling he could have admitted knowing the whole thing and covering up and still be worshipped!! SICK AS IT GETS!! Don't tell me he was a Catholic too?? Instead of calling it Joe Paterno stadium they should call it "Pedophile Stadium". Why not?? Guilt killed this Fucking AssHat!! Wake up alumni and look at the facts!! Oh wait i forgot he had over 400 wins,i take everything back i said.......He gets a bye!! Douchebag. Ask the families of the kids raped and see how they feel about this DOPE!! I hope the truth does come out so everyone who supported him can feel great about themselves...losers!!