Thursday, May 12, 2011

21 Times? Piece of Cake!

Apa, the world famous Sherpa, has completed his 21st Summit of Mount Everest yesterday.

He began climbing as most Sherpas do, at age 12 to aid foreign tourists in their climbs and now holds the world record for most Everest summits.

He has consistently and persistently complained about the denigration of the mountain due to all the garbage left behind by climbers and has organized this latest climb to raise awareness of the problem. Apa had said his team planned to clear 8,800 pounds of garbage from the lower part of the mountain and another 2,200 pounds from near the summit.

Way to go!

He also said, that the mountain is showing terrible signs of global warming. "Apa said when he first began climbing Everest, the trail to the summit was covered with ice and snow. Now, it is dotted with bare rocks. The melting ice has also exposed deep crevasses, making expeditions more dangerous."

We hear you, dude. Tell that shit to Dick Cheney and all the other Republican douchebags who continually lie about the problem and bad mouth Al Gore. Global warming is a fact not a political ploy.

We know the human race is in trouble, but to destroy the world's tallest mountain by littering the top with trash is unforgivable. We're sick.

Congrats to Apa for doing what he can to save Mount Everest.

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