Monday, May 9, 2011

The Djokovich Freight Train Cannot Be Stopped -UPDATED

Can you say #1?

There is no stopping Novak Djokovich!

He won yesterday's final at the 2011 Madrid Open, defeating Rafael Nadal...again...and for the first time ever on clay. Ending Rafa's 37 clay match winning streak.

- Novak has 34 straight wins
- He beat Roger Federer 3 times in a ROW and now has done the same to Rafa
- It is his 6th Title of 2011
- He just beat Bjorn Borg's run in 1980 AND
- isthisclose to John McEnroe's 42-0 start of 1984
- So far, he is the 8th best OF ALL TIME


We cannot even wait for Roland Garros!

UPDATE: The Rome Open begins today. If Nolle (Novak) wins against Rafa Nadal this time HE'LL BE NUMBER ONE!
But don't expect our favorite Spanish Bull to take this lying down. Look for an all out war.
Go Nolle! Go Rafa! Roger Who?

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Anonymous said...

You gotta love this guy,for he is the man!!He comes from a humble background and is worthy of all he gets!! Keep it up Nolle!!