Monday, May 23, 2011

Dog Runs 1/2 Marathon - Unintentionally

When Dozer the dog escaped from his backyard on May 15th he may have been just trying to get out and explore.

What he did next though has made him a youtube star.

You see, Dozer got caught up with the 2,000 runners in the Maryland Half-Marathon around mile 5 and crossed the finish line with them.

What's even funnier was that he stopped with the other runners at the watering spots! "Although many runners saw the canine running the course and drinking water from cups at the water spots, nobody realized he was on his own."

"The Maryland Half Marathon is looking at ways to involve Dozer in the future. He currently has his own fundraising page on the race website where he’s raised nearly $1900 for cancer research. He received a finisher’s medal for this year’s race" (pictured above).

WE LOVE THIS STORY. What a great dog!

Watch Dozer cross the Finish Line:

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