Friday, May 13, 2011


Boston Rob

Another season of Survivor is almost over. Wednesday’s episode was the last of the regular season, with the Finale on Sunday night at 8pm.

There are still so many contenders for the win that is hard to see who can make it.

There are 4 people on Redemption Island with one of them coming back into the game yet. We hope that it’s Mike, the Iraqi War Vet. He gave away his reward last week, of seeing relatives, to the remaining Survivors in the hope of garnering some “good will” votes. But it’s still Andrea, Mike, Matt and now Grant, who was voted out last night.

“Put your hand on the handle”, said Jeff Probst to start the Redemption Island duel. But what do you call a race between 4 people? It can’t be a duel…just like Redemption Island isn’t even an island. It ceases to be a duel and becomes a contest.

Ralph, the Sasquatch, had the early lead and blew it trying to solve a puzzle. He’s now on the jury. He did have some funny things to say. To Andrea, who was just voted out – “Rob was usin’ you like toilet paper. Just wipin’ his ass with ya.” And to Andrea again “Go sleep on the floor.” To the camera, “If it was my house, I’d let her in to sleep in the guest room, but this ain’t my house and she ain’t on my tribe” or something close to that.

Matt has been on Redemption Island THE ENTIRE SEASON! THE.ENTIRE.SEASON. We guess God wants him there.

The remaining Survivors, Rob, Phillip, Natalie and Ashley are the “Final Four” so far. We don’t know how the Redemption Island person is going to play out.

Back at camp, Boston Rob isthisclose to his first win. And he wants it soooo badly. The other Survivors do everything he wants them to do. It’s amazing the control he has over those people. They aren’t even playing the game!

Rob gives the best quotes:

“I just need to keep control” – On being the puppet master and only having a few days left

“I’ve already run the numbers on this weeks ago” – On who to vote out next

“Where do you get caramel sauce? Is it like where they have the peanut butter shell stuff”? – On making a spontaneous pretend conversation with Natalie so Ashley won’t know they are conspiring against her.

“I have to do all the dirty work because everyone else is too stupid to do it” – On having to arrange the Tribal Council vote

Don’t forget Rob still has an Immunity Idol that NO ONE ELSE KNOWS ABOUT. He is running out of time to use it and Jeff will announce on one of Sunday’s Tribal’s that whoever has one left will have to use it. Everyone will be stunned to see it.

We are still harboring grudges against the tribe that voted out Russell, even though they aren’t there anymore! They won every challenge for weeks on end and came close to decimating Rob’s tribe. Then they threw a challenge just to get rid of Russell. That was the beginning of the end. They then lost, legitimately, EVERY CHALLENGE and when the merge came, Rob’s tribe chewed them up and spit them out, one by one. Russell told them you need numbers going into the merge and they were too dumb to accept that. Well, Rob’s tribe is too dumb to actually play the game! Even though Russell got voted out early, he was still the second best player of the season and one of the best players ever.

However, Boston Rob is SURVIVOR’s greatest player of all time. He has a way of dealing with people in a way that Russell couldn’t. We hope like hell Boston Rob wins…which brings us to…

Phillip “Secret Agent of Crazy” Sheppard. Please, God, let Phillip really win! His special kind of crazy really made this season and all in all we like him, psycho or not. Plus, he wears a feather on his head and prays to his great- grandfather the American Indian. You can’t beat that.

Rob is betting that he’ll win against Phillip and he probably will.

Tune in Sunday for the Finale and Reunion show!

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I am pulling for crazy Phillip! Not the N word one!! LOL