Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Our Favorite Fairy Godfather

Is Tim Gunn, of course!

Tim guest starred on last nights ep of "Biggest Loser" as the Makeover Episode Fairy Godfather. It was pretty heartwarming. Tim is the epitome of gentility and intelligence and in just being himself projects an air of nobility and royalty without being pretentious in the least. What an awesome guy!

The contestants have each lost over 100 pounds with two of the guys having each lost 150 pounds! It's an amazing achievement. To celebrate it Biggest Loser gave the remaining 5 contestants a makeover. Tim kind of hosted it but did nothing to actually facilitate the makeover itself. But it was great that he was there.

In other Tim Gunn news, Lifetime announced this morning that season 9 of Project Runway will be back very soon...YAY! Along with an All-Stars addition! We cannot even wait for that. Let's hear it for Daniel Franco, Mondo, Rami, Chris March, ANDRAE, the other Daniel, Nick and Santino!

That would start our ultimate All-Star wish list.

We'll post the premiere dates as soon as Lifetime announces them.

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