Tuesday, May 3, 2011

The Pope Screws Up Again

Benedict screws up not once but twice this week.

First, let's get to the Pope John Paul II Beatification debacle.

We're not going to go to deep into this one except to say that we wholeheartedly disagree with the former Pope even being a saint let alone fast tracking him. Let us NEVER forget that over 11,000 people were sexually raped by priests DIRECTLY UNDER JOHN PAUL II's REIGN and that of his predecessor's and that he not only did nothing to stop them, he refused to defrock them, turn them into the police or authorities and HE ENABLED THEM BY MOVING THEM FROM PARISH TO PARISH giving them access to even more children to rape. Ugghh. Disgusting!

Sure, Pope John Paul II has ALOT of fans. People loved that guy. He seemed nice enough, but come on...people live next door to serial killers and child molesters all the time and never know. These killers and rapists are always described as quiet and nice. We know you liked him but you have to get over it. The man is NOT, WAS NOT or ever should be A SAINT. FAR FROM IT.

Secondly, the current Pope Benedict, you know the former Nazi and current Sith Lord, has "fired" a Bishop this week for having the audacity to suggest that women and married men be allowed to be ordained. He hasn't defrocked any priests for putting their penis's in children this week but if you dare to suggest a woman be allowed to give communion and help out behind the scenes as an ordained person LOOK OUT because he is offended as all get out.

What a dick. Oh sorry. What a BENE-DICK.

This really pisses us off. This guy did nothing to get fired but make some suggestions and he gets booted from his own church? We're sure the pedophile priests in that church only got re-located. What the hell? If you can't see how evil the Catholic Church has become YOU ARE BLIND.

Read it here:
News Article on Fired Bishop

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Anonymous said...

The whole thing is mind boggling!! People must be under a spell or something?? Can you believe parents still take their kids to Catholic churches?? WOW!!!