Friday, May 20, 2011

Can't Say Gay? Say Takei! Because "It's Okay to Be Takei"

George Takei is a wonderful human being. Long known for his sense of humor, George is a loving, happy man that happens to also be gay and a gay advocate and supporter.

We saw him once at a Star Trek convention (yes, proud Trekkies here) and instead of going onstage and rambling on about Star Trek, George did what Brent Spiner (Data) does at these things...he gave us a 20 minute stand-up comedy routine. AND IT KILLED.

George is freakin' HILARIOUS.

For those of you that have followed him for years as an awesome guest on The Howard Stern Show, you know this. As for the rest of you, you can probably youtube or google him to see how genuinely warm and compassionate and funny he has always been. You can find the "Sulu Dance" on youtube...Stern fans have laughed at this for years.

For now, his cause is fighting the gay hating people of Tennessee with humor. It always angers angry people more when you laugh at them. George is a master of this.

Watch this:

And get your It's Okay to Be Takei stuff here: It's Okay to Be

Lady Gaga may have been born this way, but it's okay to be Takei.


Anonymous said...

I love George, he's so funny and a great guy!

Anonymous said...

As george would say"OH MYYYYYYY".