Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Official Dr. Hawass Wear

Now you too can dress like the Great Pharaoh. At Harrods in London or at a Neiman Marcus near you is the official Zahi Hawass clothing line and apparel store.

Are we surprised that the modern day Indiana Jones and Pharaoh has his own clothing line? No. Nothing from this man WILL EVER SURPRISE US. He is a one-of-a-kind gift that is to be cherished (and yet, reviled).

The profits from the sale will go to benefit the 57357 Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo. This is Dr. H's charity of choice.

Click here to see more fashions from The Zahi Hawass Collection: artzulu.com article

The court case against Dr. Hawass was resolved and he will not be going to jail let alone losing his job. He seems to have stopped rampaging and quitting as well and is reporting all kinds of great things at his blog.

He and his minions have been reclaiming land, artifacts and his Pharaohnic power back from the Egyptian Overthrow and Dr. H seems to be back on track again. And now with the clothing line...well is there anything the great Dr. Hawass cannot do?

Go Big Z!

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