Thursday, April 28, 2011

America's Tsunami

What's left of Tuscaloosa, Alabama

Faye Hyde sits on a mattress in what was her yard in Conord, Alabama as she comforts her two-year-old granddaughter Sierra Goldsmith

Homes and businesses are completely destroyed
along 15th St. in Tuscaloosa, Alabama

The tornado's that have destroyed parts of the American south have been dubbed by British newspapers as "The American Tsunami."

Thankfully, England's newspapers have turned from the royal wedding long enough to send prayers and acknowledgement of the cataclysmic destruction from yesterday's storms. Indeed it has pushed the imminent nuptials OFF the front pages for once and taken over the headlines. IN EVERY NEWSPAPER. (Thank God the World or at least some editor still has some sense left.)

It was the worst tornado outbreak in over 40 years. We've never in our life seen anything like it and pray to God we never see it again. Over 300 people died in one night.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the people whose lives were ruined yesterday. We cannot pretend nothing happened and watch the Stupid Royal Wedding. We know better and will be unable to sit and watch pomp and circumstance knowing so many people died and so many more are without homes, jobs, roads and power today.

God save us. If this is what's to come in 2012, we're all fucked!



"More than 1,600 people sought refuge in 65 Red Cross shelters Wednesday night as the storms forced them from their homes. Red Cross shelters are open in Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, Missouri, Indiana, Kentucky, Arkansas, North Carolina and Texas."

PS: Okay...we lie...we're gonna watch the stupid royal wedding..just a little... ;)
But we're all still fucked.

As far as media coverage on "royal" wedding vs other major important things, we like Dan Rather's take on it. Read here HERE

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