Monday, April 18, 2011

Saved! At Least One Truck of Them, Anyway...

One of the saved dogs gets comforted by a rescuer

In China (and around the world as well, but especially in China) there is a war going on for and against animals.

Daily truckloads of crammed together dogs and cats slowly grind their way through poisonous smog filled air and stop and go traffic to the slaughterhouses, where they are inhumanely killed and offered up to hungry Chinese for dinner.

Yesterday one such truck was stopped by an animal rights activist. He pulled his car across the road and blocked the dog laden truck from going forward. He then blogged for help to other animal lovers who came in droves...albeit the scene.

It took 15 hours and over $17,000 but the activists BOUGHT the entire truck load of dogs and saved them from slaughter. Yes, the truck driver sold the entire load to the people instead of driving on with them to the factory.

Some of the dogs were collared meaning that they were stolen from people's homes and yards.

1) The police did not intervene.
2) The activists responded as a flashmob and rallied to save the dogs.
3) Animal rights are new to China and are starting to take off!

According to the news article activists have also blocked truck loads of cats from the same fate and the government hasn't stopped them. This is TREMENDOUSLY GOOD NEWS!

Also, there are reports that laws might be drafted to make dog and cat meat illegal. This would be awesome, although the underground market would probably be so much worse as animals are smuggled to slaughterhouses. However, the laws might encourage people there to take animal rights more seriously and would save thousands of animals in the long run.

Some Chinese think that by eating dogs and cats it will "promote bodily warmth" especially in the winter months. Stone age barbarians.

There is so much animal cruelty in the world. You would think that in this day and age we as a human race would be so much more advanced than what we see going on all over the place.

This is a good start though. Sometimes all it takes is one truck and that could lead to another and another and another...

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Anonymous said...

Nice story OMNI!! The chinese are gross when it comes to feelings!! They are self centered greedy people and should be ashamed!! I mean stealing pets should be a crime worthy of prison time!!