Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Some Days You Get the Polar Bear and Some Days...


This innocent and cute looking wild "Knut" wandered with a companion up to Tom Leeson's pick-up truck on Barter Island, near Beaufort Sea on the northern coast of Alaska.

One of the majestic animals clambered onto the car's tailgate, while the other peered through the right passenger window on its back legs.

Tom, 60, from Vancouver, in Washington state, said: 'The two bears came in together to investigate. They were not particularly hungry and were far more curious about us and the pickup truck.

'Eventually one climbed up on the truck's tailgate while the other leaned up against the side. After looking at us in the cab of the truck the bear walked up to the passenger window where at first it just looked in, then it bounced with its front feet against the window glass and growled.

'A variety of thoughts raced through my mind. I remember thinking at the time that this must be how a seal feels.

You have to admit, though, for a wild polar bear, he's got great teeth! So straight and white!

Full article from Daily Mail

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