Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Another Loving Family

Last week it was the giraffe family and today it's Bears from Primorsky Zoo in Russia.

Just look at this series of photos of a loving family.

"What makes the photographs, taken at a zoo in eastern Russia, so fascinating is that most male bears have nothing to do with their cubs and leave the rearing to females.

But Balu is more hands-on than most with four-month-old daughter Diva and is content to give her a proper bear hug.

Zoo director Elena Aseidulina, 34, who took the photographs, said: 'The father, against all laws of nature, is very caring and loving with the cubs.

'It always takes my breath away when I see them playing like this.

'It just makes you realise that these animals have the same feelings as we do. I wanted to take pictures to show others how touching and heartwarming these animals can be.'"

Can I have a hug, Dad?

Of course! Who's my happy little girl?

I love you too, dear

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Anonymous said...

WOW!! That is pretty amazing to see!! What a cute family.