Sunday, April 3, 2011


Hello, World!

This baby giraffe smiles just hours after he was born at the Cincinnati Zoo yesterday morning.

Mom and Dad, Tessa and Kimba with new baby
in one of the best family portraits ever.
Could there be a more loving family?

Look the eyelashes on Mom, she's gorgeous! And Dad seems just as proud of Mom and baby as any human would be too. Such a beautiful family.

"Speaking to, the zoo's executive director Thane Maynard said: 'When there’s a birth of an animal, it’s awe-inspiring because nature is a phenomenal system.

That’s true when a mouse is born, but when you’ve got a 6-foot baby that comes out and flops on the ground, it’s just the darnedest thing. It goes without saying, this is an exciting day.'"


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Anonymous said...

It would be cooler if he was just a little bit cuter!! LOL