Friday, April 1, 2011


Don Draper WILL BE BACK! Mad Men has just been renewed for another 2 seasons with an optional third, ending the longest running show negotiations ever.

Mad Men is a GEM. It is one of the best scripted drama shows ever and certainly the best one currently on TV.

Because of its super success the negotiations between creator Matt Weiner and the network AMC took forever. The network wanted to cut actors to save money on a show that's literally making millions, cut the run time by two minutes to add even more advertising and also use the show - about the 1960's advertising world - to have even more product placement ads than it already does.

Looks like Matt won. No actors are being cut, the two deleted minutes to add run time will be supplemented weekly by a directors cut available online and..well... product placement is just unavoidable in a show about advertising.

But is it just and only about advertising? No! This show is really great.

If you haven't seen it, then get it on Netflix.

The bad news? We have to wait until 2012 for season 5 and it will end after the 7th season. All Good Things...

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