Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Titanic Sketch Up For Auction - UPDATED

The iconic drawing of Rose DeWitt Bukater by Jack Dawson is up for sale!

The sketch, actually drawn by director James Cameron of the actress Kate Winslet, "is expected to be the star lot at Premiere Props' memorabilia auction on Saturday and Sunday."

Titanic won 11 Academy awards, including Best Picture and Best Director. The film was the highest grossing film in history, a position held for 12 years until Cameron's "Avatar" took the top spot in 2010.

No word on how much the sketch is going for.

UPDATE: It sold for $16,000 to an unnamed bidder.


Anonymous said...

Let me know when the bidding for Kate Winslet starts!! I'd like to start the bidding at 1 Million dollars!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Love the movie...love the drawing...love Jack Dawson. Count me in on the bidding.

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