Wednesday, April 6, 2011

England's First Elephant Sanctuary

It was an animal abuse story sure to break the hardest of hearts.

Anne the performing circus elephant being beaten with brooms, stabbed with a pitchfork over and over, kicked and hit by...the person in charge of keeping her safe.

What could possibly have been worse? Well, Anne is almost 60 years old. She was captured by hunters in Sri Lanka in the 1950's and has been held captive and made to perform in a horrific English circus ever since. Oh, and due to her age, deplorable living conditions, captivity and performance regimen, she has untreated arthritis which her owners never bothered to care for.

The woman who owned...we say owned because this story has a HAPPY supposedly mortified. An elderly person herself she hired a "nice" person to care for her elephant Anne and it turned out this guy was sicko. Undercover video caught him doing all those terrible things we just mentioned. He's on video stamping at her feet and she can barely move due to the arthritis and the fact that she's CHAINED TO A FLOOR. The metal chains are common at places like Barnum and Bailey and this circus in England.

Because Anne's sad plight was videotaped it OUTRAGED all the good and decent people of England. A campaign was started. Anne was taken from the old woman and her sick circus and GIVEN TO THE FIRST ELEPHANT SANCTUARY IN ENGLAND. A sanctuary that existed as a fun safari park until last week when it was turned into a refuge.

This park, Longleat Safari Park, has VOWED to do everything and anything possible to make Anne's last years happy. She's being treated by top of line, top dollar vets and already in just 2 days has seen improvement. Her eyes are clearing up from all the tears she's cried over the years and she has been playing with oversized "toys" like truck tires and a giant mound of sand.

But there are animals like Anne all over the place and they need us to stand up for them! There are kind and decent people in your hometown, your next door neighbor even, who don't think going to a Barnum and Bailey circus is wrong. They just don't understand what Barnum does to it's elephants. They think that animals in a circus is natural. They don't understand the suffering and cruelty put to these animals.

Please MAKE A DONATION FOR ANNE at Longleat Park . She deserves our good intentions as a human race to make up for the greed and horror she's been forced to endure.

And no matter how you feel about PETA, think about donating and signing a petition to their anti-circus fund. Animals do not belong chained up to a metal grate their whole life, whipped and beaten into submission so they can stand on their hind legs for children to scream at.

Think of Anne.

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Don't want to believe what Barnum and Bailey does?

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The Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee <- Great People helping and saving Great Elephants

At 59 years old, Anne is finally allowed to play

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Anonymous said...

Thank God she can live out what years she has left the way she should have lived all her life!! People that treat any animal mean should be fucked over themselves!! Ringling bros. are a fucking disgrace and should be eliminated!! Anyone who takes their kids to see this shit is a clown themselves and should be ashamed!! People think these beautiful animals just learn on their own how to perform!! Their beat hard and often until they get it right!! Get what right?? Their wild animals that belong in their natural habitat!! A zoo is bad enough but a circus is 100 times worse!! I hate people that know this happens and still take their families to see it!! Don't forget to yell and cheer you fucking douchebag IDIOTS!! Nice Job OMNI!! Its good to see these kind of posts for it makes one believe that there is still hope in the world!!