Monday, April 11, 2011

The Grand National Disgrace

England's "prestigious" 164 year old Grand National Race, which was glamorized in the Elizabeth Taylor film, National Velvet, took place over the weekend and it was an animal rights nightmare.

3 horses had to be euthanized due to horrific injuries and one jockey lies this morning in a coma.

The images are unbelievably sick as horses are pictured crashing onto their heads and chests. It's freakin' barbaric.

England has long been a thorn in the side of animal rights activists, who try every year to ban this stupid horse race, the annual fox hunts and the Huntingdon Life Sciences lab which does live vivisections and cruel experiments on dogs.

Now, to be fair to our English friends, the United States is at least TWENTY YEARS behind England as far as overall general animal rights are concerned with England having much stricter and tougher laws in general.

However, the problem is that England and America are supposed to be first world countries that are leading the way in animal sentience rights and as first world countries set the gold standard for how all life forms - people, animals, the environment - are handled and treated. It's sad when these two great supposedly civilized countries cheer such degenerate fair as this Grand National Race which is really a Grand National Disgrace.

English people like to pretend they are the end all be all of civilization - look at all this pomp and circumstance surrounding this stupid Royal wedding for example - when people should remember that the English people were savages running around in animal skins with NOTHING, when the great Roman Empire was building roads, infrastructre and aquaducts that have lasted thousands of years. And that before the Romans, there were the Greeks buildling the great Acropolis and before them the Egyptians building the greatest of all, the massive Pyramids at Giza.

When we see images, like the ones taken this weekend at the Grand National, we are once again reminded how great The American Revolution was and how the Queen and her Royal worthless minions can stick tea and crumpets up their arses until it comes out their nose.

One of the beautiful horses that had to be killed
due to its injuries and
a jockey underneath who was hurt badly


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