Monday, April 18, 2011

Sentenced! One Year of Hard Labor

Well, well, well, Dr. H., You are in Trouble Again!

Dr. Zahi Hawass, the fading Pharaoh of Egypt, has been FIRED from his job and sentenced to one year of hard labor, following a court ruling against him on Sunday.

It seems there is some land in dispute that an earlier court had ruled Dr. Hawass to "hand over" and for which he did not comply. That disobedience left Zahi with a jail sentence, no job and a minor fine.

He is set to appeal all of this and the jail term will not commence until the appeal is heard. We're not sure when that will be. It could be today or three months from now. Of course, we'll let you know.

There is also some confusion over this reported "land dispute". Another source is reporting that Dr. Hawass himself on his blog is saying that this jail term is regarding some shenanigans over "bidding from companies to run a bookstore in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo." In other words, bribery.

The plot thickens!

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