Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wayne Rooney - Neanderthal, Thug or Asshole? All Three? Yeah

Yes, we think he's an asshole too.

Maybe it's that Fugly Ass face of his.

But his attitude makes it so much worse. The Manchester United striker scored a hat trick on Saturday and afterwards celebrated in true Rooney fashion. He started cursing on air, shocking apparently all of England. As punishment he has been suspended for two matches.

Read this article to get the full gist of why everyone hates this guy and his equally fugly WAG.

Main Daily News Article

Oh, and he lost his Coca Cola deal today too. Too bad.

"Coca-Cola has permanently ended its relationship with Wayne Rooney, who was initially dropped from the soft drink company's ad campaigns following allegations over his private life.

Manchester United striker Rooney was the face of Coke Zero, with his image appearing on cans and bottles until last September, when he allegedly cheated on his then-pregnant wife with a prostitute."

It wasn't alleged either. He's a douchebag.


Anonymous said...

His new name is Wayne Ruin-ey!!LOL . He does deserve it though he is a real asswipe!! He seems to act up all the time after having his best games?? Doesn't make sense at all!!

Mikki said...

He's all three, definitely. Plus, he looks like Shrek. Wait. I take that back, Shrek looks BETTER than him.

Anonymous said...

Hey Donkey!! In his case JACKASS!! LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Face like a mongs arsehole

Zhadra Aitmagambetova said...

Hey dirty cheater ! Not only that ok people cheat , but cheat on pregnant wife ?!!!!! That's absolutely unacceptable!
He doesn't respect his wife ,
He is a famous person and kno everyone is talking about his life because he did this terrible mistake .
He doesn't deserve his wife .
He doesn't deserve a fame . He is sorry for my language " asshole "
Rooney sort yourself !
Don't cheat at least on pregagnt wife ! !!!!!