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Part 3 Great Pyramid Controversy: How Gatenbrink Got Shafted

The Omni Report presents our 3-part series on:

The Controversy and Mystery of the Great Pyramid of the Giza Plateau, Cairo, Egypt; Specifically Why Dr. Zahi Hawass Sucks and How Rudolph Gatenbrink Got Shafted.

The Great Pyramid Controversy
Part 3: How Gatenbrink Got Shafted

In 1872 an important discovery was made in The Great Pyramid. An engineer named Waynman Dixon decided to look for air shafts in the Queen’s chamber. Having seen the shafts already visible in the wall in the King’s Chamber, he though this chamber may have them as well. He scouted the walls and saw a crack in the southern wall. Using a hammer and chisel he broke through the wall and viola! An air shaft. He then discovered the shaft in the northern wall of this chamber as well.

Directly inside the northern shaft were objects!

1) A rough stone sphere

2) A small two pronged hook made out of some kind of metal

3) A 12 centimeter long piece of cedar wood with notches cut into it

These pieces remained in the Dixon family until the 1970’s when they were donated to the British Museum. The artifacts were lost again and then found, except for the piece of wood. The only object that could be C-14 carbon dated! Conspiracy theorists are still crazy over this.

Today we take this discovery for granted, but it was until 1872 an unknown feature of the pyramid. What other secrets does this great monolith still keep?

These shafts only 8 or 9 or so inches square were unexplored until March 1993 when another engineer named Rudolf Gatenbrink came upon the scene. (We remember this like it was yesterday. It’s hard to believe it’s been 18 years!)

Gatenbrink and his crew were hired by Government Officials…Not, repeat NOT The Great Dr. Zahi Hawass…to install fans and modern ventilation in the pyramid. It’s stiflingly hot within the pyramid and the throngs of tourists were only adding to the problem. The government didn’t want passed out tourists inside the pyramid. Also, it was to help preserve the pyramid by removing the humidity.

At this time, Dr. Hawass had been suspended from Chief Inspector of the Giza Pyramid Plateau for stealing a vase! STEALING! He of course has repented to the right people...Hosni Mubarak…, threw unnamed people under the bus, and risen in the ranks, higher and higher until no one but He has any authority over any antiquities in Egypt.

UPUAT, The Little Robot That Could

Gatenbrink designed a caterpillar shaped robot named UPUAT 2* – (ooh-pu-watt) Egyptian for “opener of the ways”. This little robot that could slowly climbed the interior of the southern shaft of the Queen’s Chamber. Like its processors “Father of UPUAT” and “UPUAT 1” it encountered some difficulty, including a 6 inch step. Once over this step described by Gatenbrink as daunting as “the Great Wall of China” the walls of the shaft began to look smoother, more refined workmanship.

Then on March 22 at exactly 11:02 AM, the “Mother” of all Great Pyramid discoveries happened. UPUAT sent back images from its video camera of a stone slab. A “door”, complete with two copper handles!

Nothing like this had ever been discovered in modern times. An unknown door in the Great Pyramid. Hidden for over 4,500 years in an “air shaft.” It was unbelievable and exhilarating and mega-celebration worthy! It made history.

It is to this day the most remarkable discovery in Egyptology. And probably the most controversial.

In front of the door were artifacts!

1) a metallic hook
2) A long piece of wood

What happened next is a travesty. Instead of celebrating Gatenbrink’s work, the Pharaoh discredited him, booted him out of Egypt and made Gatenbrink persona non grata until…THIS DAY! Rudolph is STILL NOT ALLOWED BACK IN TO SEE HIS DOOR or complete his work there! A door unceremoniously named after him by the Good People of the World who acknowledge this GREAT contribution to knowledge of Egyptology.

Gatenbrink lost his affiliation with the German Archeological Institute which had the ventilation contract for breaching the contract by doing “unauthorized” exploration of the pyramid and TALKING TO THE PRES ABOUT IT. Because of this loss of affiliation, Dr. Hawass will not acknowledge him, as only well-qualified affiliated persons are allowed to do “work” in the pyramid.

Dr. Hawass made a big deal about drilling a hole through the door in an LIVE on air TV show in 2002. He, of course, is taking all the credit for Rudolph’s work. He alone stands guard over the pyramid and authorizes who gets in to do work there. He will never again let his Egyptologists be usurped by western interlopers. It is he who has a giant bug up his ass about it. It is Zahi and Zahi alone who will determine when and if the world will ever get to see what is behind the “door.”

And we all know how this is turning out. Have YOU heard anything about it? We didn’t think so. For as much as Dr. Hawass proclaims that the monuments of Giza belong to the whole world, they are his and his alone. That is why he is The Pharaoh. He keeps his secrets closed to the world. He is so full of shit we want to throw things at him. That is why we are disgusted by him.

What was the conclusion of the TV special in September of 2002? What was behind the door? Another door! But the camera only showed a small pile of rubble and was unable to go much further than that.

The area remains unexplored to this day. ALMOST TEN YEARS LATER!

To quote the great Dr. Hawass, “We are not discovering anything inside the Great Pyramid, there is really nothing remaining to be discovered inside.”


What a bunch of bullshit. It seems everyone including ourselves have been waiting almost 20 years to find out what’s in the Great Pyramid.

In that time, Dr. Hawass has taken over complete control of the building. Immediately following Gatenbrink’s discovery, Dr. Hawass was reinstated to his post and the Pyramid was closed for a long period of time, to undergo “renovations”. Specifically the Queen’s chamber! Also, a security perimeter fence was erected around the entirety of the Giza Plateau to keep out “terrorists.”

No scientific groups have been allowed in. No archeological work is going on without Dr. Hawass breathing down their neck and specifically no work on discovering anything to do with the remaining shafts.

Now, the astonishing news that Dr. Hawass has quit his job as of March 2011...And took it back in April 2011. With Egypt in a state of flux, there is to be no more exploration of anything. Artifacts are missing, everything is in disarray. It will take years for Dr. Hawass and the archeologists to get back on track.

How much longer do we have to wait to see what's behind the door? When will Rudolph Gatenbrink be vindicated?

Rudolph Gatenbrink with Upuat

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for a wonderful report with everything in one place. I would like to know also though, did they already build new robots? they keep saying they are working on looking into the shaft with new ones but I personally believe it is long done and no one will tell us what they found.
Did the first robot have the capability of going back in with an extended drill and camera? if so why wasn't it done that same day?

Anonymous said...

Very interesting. thanks for collating so much info into once place. where can i find what the Pharoah , i mean zahi hawass has to say about the gatenbrink door pyramids etc.

Anonymous said...

All the three articles were well written. This makes the interest and curiosity in the readers much higher.