Tuesday, November 29, 2011

40 Years and Counting

Do you know this man?

On November 24, 1971 a man by the name of Dan Cooper successfully hijacked an American airplane and got away with it and the money.

Cooper's escapade is undoubtedly one of the most successful single handed heists in history. True, he only took $200,000.000 but in 1971 dollars that was over a million. And his legend has endured all this time making him kind of a folk hero even though today he would be branded a terrorist.

People are in awe of Cooper and how the hell he managed to get away with it. Or did he? Does his body still lie undiscovered in the vast wilderness of the Pacific Northwest? Perhaps a Bigfoot found him, nursed him back to health and has held him captive all this time?

D.B. Cooper no matter what the outcome will always be legend. Because he got away with it. He might be dead but he is not nor ever was caught and prosecuted. We still root for this guy. Fuck it.

Most of all, we root for him, because no one got hurt. He was a nice hijacker. The guy was very polite to the flight staff (well, except for frightening the stewardesses with a bomb!) and even let them eat dinner. He also released all hostages after receiving the money.

This story is a doozy and all the more entertaining because the details are amazing. Personally, we think he did get away with it and lived for a while but is probably dead now. We may well never know the truth of who exactly D.B. was.

Was the identity of Dan Cooper based on a French comic book named DAN COOPER?

Dan Cooper, 1955 French Comic Book Hero

It's one of the FBI's most annoyingly unsolved cold cases of all time. And one of our personal faves.

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Mikki said...

Brad Meltzer did an episode of Decoded about Cooper. It was really interesting. And a woman came forward within the last year and said it was her uncle. The photos of her uncle (dead now of course) look eerily like Cooper.