Thursday, November 17, 2011

Another Reason Why Our Soldiers are Awesome

Shelia Schaffer with Charlie, Penny Herald with her dog Liberty and
Adam John Riniker with his dog Freedom

American soldiers are returning from Afghanistan and bringing war torn dogs home with them.

As any animal lover will tell you, you form more than just a bond with a pet. And when that pet has suffered along with you that bond becomes unbreakable.

The dogs go through a grueling process of travel and quarantine. It takes months for them to reunite with the soldiers who love them. But when the reunion process happens it's MAGIC.

These soldiers are spending their own money to have the dogs they bonded with flown to the US to live a happy life here. A life filled with food, love and hugs.


Read the article to see even more pictures and to read this heartwarming story.
Daily Mail News Article

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