Tuesday, November 15, 2011

And the Peacemaker of the Year Award Goes to...Vladimir Putin!

AWWW...who's a good boy and wants a peace prize?

China has given their equivalent of a Nobel Peace Prize, the Confucius Peace Prize, to be exact, to Vladimir Putin. They obviously love him.

Who doesn't? (well, except for all those people he tortured and killed. Perfect candidate for peacemaker...no?)

"A panel of 16 academics chose Putin ahead of other candidates, including German Chancellor Angela Merkel, Microsoft founder Bill Gates and Yuan Longping, a Chinese agricultural scientist.

The tipping point appeared to be Putin’s role in Libya, where he opposed NATO’s involvement in trying to topple the Gaddafi regime. Critics say Putin’s stand had no bearing on the outcome of the north African conflict.

‘This April or May, Putin was against NATO’s idea to bomb Libya and he appeared to the world in a peaceful manner,’ said Qiao Damo, one of the organisers."

Daily Mail News Article

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