Tuesday, November 8, 2011

ANOTHER Horse Falls in NYC - NEW Controversy

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Friday night another horse made the NYC news wire. This time, the horse is still alive and seems to be okay, but ultimately what happened is just indicitive of the horse-drwn carriage issue.

This horse got caught up in the carriage mechanism and fell to the ground in front of a crowd of people in Central Park.

These unfortunately are NOT isolated incidents. Just two weeks ago, Charlie the beautiful white horse, dropped dead on the street. Things like this used to just be swept under the rug, but in this media age of camera phones everything is being captured on "film".

More controversy surrounds Charlie's incident. From Daily Mail News Article:

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) paid for Charlie's initial autopsy, and released a statement saying that the horse suffered from a stomach ulcer and a fractured tooth.

Dr. Pamela Corey, speaking on behalf of the ASPCA, then released a statement saying that that they were 'very concerned that Charlie was forced to work in spite of painful maladies'.

Ms. Corey has since been fired from her job because she later released a correction, lessening the severity of the ASPCA's first statement, creating another drama amid the debate.

All of this is just dancing around the real issue.

Do you feel that horse-drawn carriage rides are romantic? Necessary? Vital to NYC's economy? Normal? The way it's always been?

We don't.

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