Thursday, November 3, 2011

SURVIVOR: The Dragonslayer Sees All

Coach "Dragonslayer" Wade
a.k.a the best dressed Survivor contestant in history

Last week Survivor contestant Ozzy went full-on balls out. He had his tribe vote him off so he could win at Redemption Island and give his tribe the numbers going into the merge. It was up in the air as to how brilliant or truly stupid this was. Would the tribes even merge? Could he survive at Redemption Island?

Last night we learned that his historic move WORKED! Ozzy won at Redemption, sending home 6-time winner Christine. The Tribes MERGED and all seemed to working for Ozzy.

Except for one little thing...Cochran. Yes, the Survivor fanatic who became a bullied contestant played a HUGE part in what went down last night.

So, Ozzy's plan is not only in full effect, it IS WORKING LIKE A DREAM. Even Jeff was shocked. But you should have seen Jeff try to keep a straight face as Ozzy lied about what happened at Tribal - the entire tribe was acting as if Cochran was ostracized so that he could infiltrate Upolu, Coach's tribe, and act as a spy.

In reality, Cochran, to his credit, actually did try to play along...but he hadn't yet dealt with Coach Dragonslayer, who apparently was NOT born yesterday.

2 seconds into giving Coach the prepared made up spiel, Coach called him out!

Coach spelled out the Savaii plan literally WORD FOR WORD. Cochran was stunned and couldn't recover enough to act. So he spilled the beans. Coach gave him an ego boosting pep talk and told him to pick a side.

Yes, it was a priceless Survivor moment. We are unabashed Coach fans, so while Ozzy is a kick-ass player, Coach is just an awesome guy and we just love him to no end.

At this point the tribes are evenly numbered 6 to 6. For someone to be voted out, somebody would have to switch sides. Coach was playing Cochran the way Savaii wanted Cochran to play Coach and it was hilarious.

Tribal came down to an even vote as Cochran did not jump tribes...until round 2 of the vote, in which he did in fact switch.

With Ozzy losing a tribe member it looks as if Coach will be able to pick them off one by one.

In short, Ozzy's historic kick-ass Survivor plan was foiled by Coach Dragonslayer! Honestly, we couldn't be happier about it.

Redemption moment of the night: Brandon Hantz literally took Cochran under his wing immediately after Tribal, telling the kid to stick close by him. Cochran's tribe is out for his blood - he sold them out after all - but Coach's tribe has been nicer to him in the 5 minutes they knew him then all 18 days he was with Ozzy's tribe. Karma is a Bitch, yo!

Oh and this guy, Rick, received a ton of votes last night but just one short of Keith who had to pack it up.

Rick has been here the WHOLE time
apparently wearing some kind of
Cowboy Cloak of Invisibility

Revenge of the Nerd -
Cochran plays The Game and screws over Ozzy.
SCORE for the devoted fan turned contestant!

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This season is off to a great start and couldn't be better!! Nice post OMNI!!