Monday, November 14, 2011

Top Rammstein Videos

Rammstein is (from left to right):
Ollie Reidel, Paul Landers, "Flake" Lorenz, Til Lindemann, Richard Kruspe
and never last or least the drummer, Christoph Schneider

RAMMSTEIN, Germany's best band ever, released its new song Mein Land on Friday. We have of course listened to it 700 times in the last 3 days and WE LOVE IT.

The video is amazingly hilarious with the boys doing a 60's Beach Boys-esque homage ala Beach Blanket Bingo. Which makes us love them even more.

Here's Mein Land and a few other of their great videos plus a bonus fan made vid for Ich Will:

Mein Land


Du Reichst so Gut

Du Hast

Mein Teil

Weisses Fleisch - Live au Berlin

Ich Will - Winnie the Pooh version!

Now we are free to "enjoy" our Monday morning at work..

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Download Rammstein said...

yeeah, it's a great band with best live perfomance ever! Their shows are exciting, so much fire, pyroeffects, the quality of sound are excellent! They are the best! Latest video Mein Land is not good as for me((( i don't like it