Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Nittany Liars

Who? What? Where? Joe's suddenly clueless

The news coming out of Penn State gets more and more hideous every second. And it's got beloved coach Joe Paterno facing a firing squad. His job is literally on the line.

As is should be. Joe's gotta go. He's claiming he didn't know the details of what exactly happened. Not good enough.

Rush Limbaugh is arguing today that the press cannot wait to vilify 'ole Joe Pa fast enough. "Joe Paterno, up until now, has had something that very few people in this country die with -- and that's an impeccable reputation.

But that's gone now, and the media is going to see to it, and this is all part of a nation in decline."

Oh really, Rush? We thought the Decline of Western Civilization had something to do with YOU in all honesty. But it's really just the media, huh?

The bottom line is that Joe Paterno didn't go all red in the face calling this pedophile out and because of that it's implied that he was somehow complicit or has little moral standing on the issue.

We think the real problem is that all Joe can think of is football. The entire time the informant was blowing the whistle on this pedophile, Joe was just probably zoned out thinking of what players he was going to use in the next game. And that is what's irreversibly ruined his reputation, Rush. Not the media.

But the fact that Joe's old and he should have retired years ago anyway, doesn't change anything.

The bottom line is that there are men out there now dealing with what that pedophile did to them as kids. How about the poor 10 year old who had his rape WITNESSED and REPORTED and nothing was done? How did that kid feel?

We bet it's worse than Joe feels now.

We have no sympathy for Penn State, Joe Paterno or any of the adults who failed to report these crimes to the cops. In fact, we'd like to punch each one of them in the face for letting little defenseless boys get raped on campus or anywhere. Period.

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Anonymous said...

the republican governor of pennsylvania is behind the indictments. that's what's most asinine about his defense of paterno. it has nothing to do with obama. rush protests too much and i hope he's the next one to be exposed. and if it takes a republican to do it then great.