Thursday, November 10, 2011

SURVIVOR: OutWit, OutPlay and Cut Someone's Throat

Te Tuna Tribe

The Merged Tribe has a new name. Te Tuna. That's pretty much all we have to say about that, other than, my cat thinks it's f'ing cool.

Last night's ep was one of the double elimination ones. Those are the best because as soon as the show starts there's an Immunity challenge and at the 20 minute mark you're already at Tribal Council. Then, when the show comes back at 8:30 there's ANOTHER Immunity/Reward challenge and then ANOTHER Tribal. It was just continuous awesomeness last night.

Cochran caught a bunch of shit from his former tribe because of his vote at last Tribal. He handled it okay and Coach's tribe tried to make him feel better.

So off to Tribal where Jim tried like hell to turn the tide against Cochran, painting him as the self-centered dishonorable player and the obvious choice to vote off. His argument went something like, "we have to make a stand on honor and integrity versus disloyalty."

Coach called him on it and said he rather vote for a person that could stand up for themselves.

Ozzy ended up getting voted out after Jim, the medical marijuana guy, won immunity. He said some snarky things on the way out. Whatever.

The best was yet to come.

One of the funniest things on Survivor is how people react to seeing food after being deprived for so long. At the second Immunity Challenge, Jeff explained the challenge (another balancing act which favors the women) and then unveiled a table full of food.

His choice to the Survivors was to either play for Immunity or fore go the challenge and eat some food while the challenge was in play.

Now, several times in Survivor history, we've seen Survivors not play in order to eat, taking the chance that they won't need Immunity at Tribal.

But we've never seen this.

The ENTIRE 7 person alliance, in other words, all of Coach's tribe plus one turn-coat Cochran, elected to sit and eat while only 3 people - the remainder of Ozzy's tribe - had to play it out for Immunity.

It was classic Survivor and proves, once again, that there is ALWAYS something NEW with this game and as many times as you think you've seen 'em all, NO YOU HAVEN'T.

The entire unprecedented voting bloc just sat there stuffing their faces while Jeff laughed at them and with them. You should have seen Coach's iced coffee mustache. Hilarious!

The poor remaining Savaii members tried their hardest. Dawn is one hell of a player. She even told everyone she'd stay longer in the challenge to give them all time to eat more. Aww! She's very impressive but failed this time to Whitney, leaving Jim as the obvious choice to vote out.

In fact, when Jim fell off the beam (see what we did there?), Brandon literally got up and cheered. How's that for in your face? It angered Jim who got all snippy with Jeff. Of course, Jeff laughed it off. He's been called worse by bitter starving Survivors.

And so Jim got sent packing to Redemption where he will duel with Ozzy and Keith. Only one winner gets to go back to the tribe. The other two go home. We'd never bet against Ozzy. Especially now that he has an axe to grind on Cochran's head.

Ozzy cries to Coach about how badly fucked over he is...
We just want Coach to take off his whole shirt

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