Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Roger Routs Rafa at World Tour

Roger reminds everyone that he's still a contender

There was a time, not just a couple of years ago, when Roger Federer won every match he was in. Every. One.

Hailed as The Greatest Tennis Player of All Time, he was on course to break every record and cement his already lustrous career into infinity.

Then a guy named Rafael Nadal entered the scene. A young punk from Spain, Nadal had the guts, the skill and the balls to kick Roger's ass from one side of the court to another. To this day Rafa has won 17 of the 26 times they've met.

The Roger Federer - Rafael Nadal rivalry is/was one of the greatest in ALL sports. But in tennis it is already the stuff of legend.

Roger is now ranked 4th in the world behind #1 Novak Djokivic, #2 Rafa Nadal and #3 Andy Freaking Murray.

However, last night, Roger absolutely and totally schooled Nadal in less than an hour winning 6-3, 6-0 at the O2 in London.

It was Rafa's worst defeat since 2008. To put the point on it, check this out: Roger had 28 outright winners to Rafa's 4.

Federer will be in the Barclays ATP World Tour Semi Finals this Saturday. Rafa will be doing supermodels on his yacht.

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