Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Sick and UnHappy Valley

Penn State has rightly forced Joe Paterno out of his gilded office. Like a Catholic Bishop, Joe Pa ignored the child for the "good" of the church or in this case college.

We've never worshipped at the altar of the Nittany Lion, so we can say here without any deep regret or remorse, that Joe Paterno has proved himself to be a despicable human being.

Far more than the hideousness that is Sandusky, the molester.



Sandusky is a pedophile. Meaning, there is something mentally ill or ill-wired in his brain. He is, of course, still responsible for his heinous behaviour. But, it can be explained away that he's a sick motherfucker and deserves to rot in prison for his crimes.

What's Coach Paterno's excuse? Or assistant Mike McQueary's? Or president Graham B. Spanier's? athletic director Tim Curley's? Or vice president Gary Schultz's?

Why did none of these men immediately call 911?

The same reason Catholic Bishops don't call 911 when they learn of a pedophile priest. To protect the institution over the welfare of the child.

For that reason alone, Paterno is worse than a jack ass, he's a scumbag. Pure and simple. Whatever reasons he had to sit back and do nothing do not matter.

And to boot, this pedophile Sandusky ran a CHILDREN'S Charity. AND ALL OF THE ABOVE KNEW. THEY KNEW!.

End of story. These men knew that Sandusky had a history of harming boys and let him continue to prey on other victims and they did it without care.

How very Roman Catholic of them.

Its disgusting. As far as we are concerned this is like a criminal syndicate or something. A pedophile ring.

What good friends they were to Sandusky. They gave him a beautiful severance package with parking passes and a lifetime office in the building with other young people everywhere. They let him go and run his charity, dealing daily with even younger people. All potential victims. But hey!, they forced him to retire. Wasn't that enough? Not even close.

What lousy, despicable, enablers and sad excuses for human beings they are.

They are not Penn State.

The Nittany Lion cries for itself, its history and all the good and great people that distinguished University has turned out over the years.

But it will never cry for men that turned their backs on the children and enabled the rapist. Never.

And we don't cry for them either. In fact, we spit on them. We don't care how great a coach Paterno was, or how great a president Spanier was, or why McQueary called his father instead of 911. We.Just.Don't.Care.

The bottom line is that nothing was done to put Sandusky behind bars. And hey, maybe it's all the DA's fault that Sandusky didn't go to prison earlier, but once again we point out:

Sandusky ran a children's charity and the Penn State "Boys Club" did nothing.

Nothing to stop it.

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Anonymous said...

Everything you say is the truth!! There are really NO WORDS to describe it. I feel sorrow for the Penn State university. Joe Paterno is a scum and in a way he himself is a pedophile. He should be in prison with the whole lot of them. Good comparison to the church for it is exactly the same way.....BOYS TOWN U.S.A.!! FUCKERS!!