Thursday, November 3, 2011

His Name was Charlie...Update on NYC Carriage Horse Death

The only known picture of Charlie
The horse that will never be forgotten and may yet
be vindicated. His death may change the world...for horses.

The Blogosphere is blowing itself up over the death of poor Charlie the New York carriage horse. AND FOR GOOD REASON.

Necropsy results are sort of cause of death yet...but plenty to be upset about. The necropsy was conducted at the Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine and reported that Charlie, the gorgeous white horse, had been "suffering from a pronounced, chronic ulceration of the stomach and a fractured tooth."

Poor Charlie was in undeniable severe pain for God knows how long before he just collapsed and died on the street 10/23/11.

Animal rights activists are up-in-arms over this needless death. Especially in light of how poor his health had been. And rightly so!

Carriage horse owners have vehemently denied they mistreat their horses BUT THE PROOF IS IN THE AUTOPSY RESULTS! When was the last time Charlie had his teeth looked at? The one tooth was cracked open and the horse had a bit in his mouth. Undeniable cruelty.

We're calling for the neglectful owner(s) to be charged with cruelty, neglect and be shut down. We will not abide.

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Read Mayor Bloomberg's updated response at! Hint: It's just as insensitive and outrageously stupid as his other comments. News Article

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If you care at all about these poor defenseless horses PLEASE visit the ASPCA against horse drawn carriages petition page! It only takes a second to add your voice to the growing chorus. Mayor Bloomberg needs to hear us!
ASPCA Petition Against HDCs

A candlelit vigil was held for Charlie on 10/27/11

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