Wednesday, November 16, 2011

People's Sexiest Man - Alex O'Loughlin?

People's Sexiest Man Alive is Bradley Cooper

No, it's not THE OBVIOUS CHOICE - ALEX O'LOUGHLIN. It's Bradley Cooper.

We love Bradley. He's a local guy (Philly) and he's nice and we love the Hangover movies. BUT...he's no Alex O'Loughlin.

Alex is easily the hottest thing from Down Under ever. And the ladies know that the guys from Australia are the sexiest in the world.

Picture of Alex O'Loughlin from Fitness Magazine's top 25 fittest bods

Seriously. Alex IS the Sexiest.Man.Alive.

Alex has a HUGE fanbase. We caught on to his vampire series Moonlight about 2 years after it was cancelled by CBS. Damn! Thank God for Netflix!

He was then cast in the even shorter lived Three Rivers, again a CBS show.

And now he can be seen every Monday night at 10 on the new (and AWESOME) re-boot of Hawaii 5-0. Again a CBS show. So, this calls for a shout out to Les Moonves, head honcho at CBS WHO OBVIOUSLY KNOWS A GOOD THING WHEN HE SEES IT. Thanks, Les for keeping Alex on TV!

Once again, if you're not sure if Alex is sexy or not:

from his GQ Australia shoot
convinced, now?

Does this do it?
Because he had us at hello

Oh, and People has about 125 guys on the list so Alex might be there after all but he's not even top ten, so FAIL. And to boot, they put Ryan Gosling at #10. Really, People? So not cool.

UPDATE: Alex DID MAKE THE LIST! They even used the picture from above. WTG, People. At least you remembered him. Next year Number One!'s top ten men slideshow


Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you about this. Alex should have won this year hands down. People Magazine is smoking something major with some of their choices this year.

Mikki said...

I do like Bradley Cooper and he is a Philly boy, but seriously, Alex should have gotten it, hands down! Perhaps we should start a petition for next years People's Sexiest Man and get Alex's name to the top!

Renee Vincent said...

I've come to realize that People mag's people are BLIND. Alex is by far more sexier, more talented, and more popular than Brad. Nothing against Brad, of course, but with Alex it's a no-brainer!

Anonymous said...

Bradley is so hot, but hotter than Alex?? NO WAY! Come on, People Magazine! Get with the times...

The Omni Report said...

And the Ladies agree!
I'm with Mikki let's start a petition for next year or create a facebook page or something. Alex must have a fanclub too. I bet we could easily get over 1,000 signatures or likes...
Team Alex all the way.

Roberta said...

I agree, I choice Alex...

Anonymous said...

I gotta cast my vote for Bradley!! Sorry ladies!! LOL

Anonymous said...

Brad is so much hotter. I think of about 50 other guys hotter than Alex!

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