Wednesday, September 21, 2011

And in More Execution News...

Wow, the Executioner is busy!

This one we agree with wholeheartedly.

"Lawrence Russell Brewer, 44, is scheduled to be put to death by lethal injection at 6pm for his part in the 1998 killing of James Byrd, Jr in East Texas."

We remember this horrific crime as if it were yesterday.

"Brewer was one of three men convicted of killing Byrd after they offered him a lift along a remote country road.

Byrd, 49, was beaten unconscious and urinated upon before being bound to the vehicle by his ankles with a heavy logging chain and driven for three miles.

Forensic evidence showed that he was alive for much of the ordeal but was killed when the vehicle hit a concrete drainage channel causing his head and arm to be ripped from his body."

We know. That's one of the most awful fucking things you can imagine.

Of the other two men, one got life in prison and the other's case is still under appeal.

It was a sad tragedy and now justice will be served, somehow.

They made a movie about this murder, called "Jasper, Texas" and it's very good. It stars one of our all-time favorite actors Louis Gossett, Jr.

We hope James Byrd can Rest In Peace.

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