Friday, September 16, 2011

The Strange and Sad Cute Little Red Seal

These amazing pictures of a strangely colored red seal were taken by by photographer Anatoly Strakhov who spotted the sad seal hiding under some logs on Tyuleniy Island, Russia.

The seal was alone waiting for it's mother to come and feed him. He is almost blind, they say, and cannot see very well.

He was "shunned" by the rest of the seals for being a "ginger".

"Tamara Cooper, head of the animal care team at the National Seal Sanctuary in Gweek, Cornwall, said: 'It's certainly unusual, but there are many colour variations within seal species.

'There's no denying it's rare to see seal pups with such pale features and blue eyes. It's not a species I’ve seen before.'"

He has been taken to a "dolphinarium" where he will be cared for.

If we can find out more, we'll update the post.

Is he the cutest thing ever?

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