Thursday, September 22, 2011

R.I.P Troy Davis

We must reiterate our sincere condolences, even after all these years, to Officer MacPhail's family. Officer MacPhail DID NOT deserve to die. He seems to have been a good and honorable man that was helping out a homeless man when he was senselessly and needlessly gunned down. That's absolutely horrible and we really feel for his family.

We are also offering condolences to Troy Davis' family. This has been a nightmare that they can't escape from either.

Whether he is innocent or guilty matters only a little because both families have been hurt so much and that's the true sin. Matters have only been made worse because instead of one dead man, we now have two.

We vehemently DO NOT OPPOSE THE DEATH PENALTY. Yes we are radical left wing bleeding heart liberals but as the...and we can't believe we are typing this...State of Texas proved last night, the death penalty is completely apropos in certain situations.

Brewer, the ass wipe who murdered James Byrd, deserved the death penalty if ever we heard of a reason.

People who cold bloodily murder other people for senseless or hate filled reasons deserve the death penalty or more accurately, we the people deserve to live without the risk of them ever being free again.

Appeals for Brewer were over. No one protested for him. He was caught and convicted and put to death for it. The way he killed his victim was heinous and he was LUCKY to get lethal injection and not hung or hooked up to 'ole Sparky. Islamic law would have dictated he be stoned to death - and not in the 420 good way.

We just cannot justify not having a death penalty of any kind. We find that ridiculous. The reason society is in total and complete decline is because we hardly have standards, discipline or accountability anymore. If we declare ourselves to be morally above the death penalty then we are just asking for the dregs of society that do these heinous things and then to just live in jail for their natural lives on the taxpayers tit. No thank you.

It's bad enough the prisons are filled with unjustly convicted minorities and people convicted for marijuana offenses. The dichotomy of justice is mind-boggling. It's bad enough as it is without having the option of putting these fucking low lives out of our misery.

So in that respect we beg to differ from Jimmy Carter, the Pope and everyone else taking the super moral high road today. They will continue to take that road until it's their family member that's been dragged by a 24 foot chain alive for 3 miles before being decapitated by a drain pipe because an unrepentant "glad I did it" scumbag was hatin' on "niggers" that day.

The galling part of last night is that in this country it is practically beaten into us that convictions are supposed to come without any reasonable doubt.

There was no doubt that Brewer was a white supremest and killed Byrd because he was black.

There was and is, however, doubt that Troy Davis pulled the trigger on an unarmed off-duty police officer. Enough doubt to put all of us up in arms over it.

It was wrong. Whether he was innocent or guilty, there wasn't sufficient evidence to put him to death for it.

What happened last night was a national shame.

R.I.P Troy Davis - You are before the Ultimate Judge now and may He have mercy on all of our souls. Brewer's too. If he had one.

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