Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Worldwide Admonishment From an Arctic Biologist and Photographer

Ok. This one is for all you haters out there who think "Global Warming" and "Climate Change" are just buzzwords for political farce or God-forbid, those of you who think its all just made up so Al Gore can make money.

Take it from Paul Nicklen, Artic photographer and award winner. Nicklen, a contributing photographer for the National Geographic, is passing along a message from the creatures he sees: They're in trouble.

Nicklen was four when his family moved to Inuit territory in Canada and where he has explored the region all his life and in later years as a biologist and a photographer.

Nicklen said that polar bears could face extinction within 50 to 100 years if ice continues to recede.

"We know the science. We know that ice is disappearing and after a while it just becomes a statistic. And with my photography I want people to understand that if we lose ice, we stand to lose an entire ecosystem.

"This is our one chance at life on this planet. Our planet is in trouble and we are not reacting fast enough."

We know why people...Republicans in particular...are so hostile to the idea of Climate Change. They are scared to death about it and try to hide the facts, smear the messengers and cry that it's not "Man-Made".

THE FACT IS THIS - WE ARE IN MORTAL DANGER. It's not just polar bears that will go extinct its US.

We applaud people like Paul Nicklen and thank him for at least raising the red goddamn flag about it.

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