Friday, September 2, 2011

Chinese Animal Cruelty Facing Lawful Ban

Chinese Bear Bile "farms" are facing criticism as doctors fight back against hokey claims that bear bile cures various ailments. Hopefully this will lead to a lawfully enforced ban.

The poor bears are put through a never ending life-long torture as the bile is extracted through "through crude holes cut into the abdomen wall and the gall bladder."

It's truly disgusting, cruel and sick.

The Asiatic black bears are one of the gentler species of bear. It's heartbreaking to see it.

The above pic shows the cramped filthy cages and the bears with tubes sticking in the holes in their stomach lining. The cages don't even have floors they are just bars the bears struggle to lie/stand in. In the above case the bear was encased in a cage sideways so they could access the stomach tube easier.

Thank God it seems that the Chinese people as a whole are starting to wake up to the horrific animal cruelty that they so propagate.

This is a great start to end this horrific practice.

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Anonymous said...

The notoriously brutal, cruel, and HEARTLESS Chinese. If there is a stupid and back ass way they can get a hard on, or think they can...they are "up for it". These people will do anything, no matter how harmful to another being---to make a dollar. For a people who are so inventive, so intelligent, so resourseful and remarkable--- to do the things they do to each other and to animals is beyond belief. I pray that at some point soon, they will end the torture they inflict upon so many animals in this world that DO NOT DESERVE this treatment.