Friday, September 30, 2011

Help Stop "Puppy Mills"

"Hope" one week after rescue from puppy mill

Animal activists are well-aware of the torturous conditions of the Puppy Mill. Are you?

Never ever buy your family's pet from a breeder or pet store. The store may adamantly deny they buy from puppy mills but the sad truth is that they are lying right to your face. Those puppies came from somewhere and stores just don't accept unwanted dropped-off puppies - they get them from breeders. Bottom line. End of story.

You should always get a rescue pet from a shelter or other rescue organization.

Puppy Mill "mother" dogs are kept in terrible conditions and the puppies are just torn from their side at 4-6 weeks. The dog is then, in most cases, put in a "rape stand" so that she can be impregnated again...and again...and again...and again until she dies.

It's one of the most despicable outcomes of greed in this country. It's gross. We come from the Puppy Mill State. Pennsylvania, at one time, had more puppy mills that you could count. Hell, we are known as "the puppy mill capital of the East."


Undercover video shot by activists shows: "Dogs standing in their own excrement in tight pens. Dogs living in cages with wire-mesh flooring that appears to visibly hurt their paws as they walk on it. Dogs in pens exposed to wind and rain. Dogs doubled up in small kennels designed for one. Unkempt breeding stock with matted fur. Newborn puppies on plywood flooring with no bedding."

There really are no words for it.

But there is a PETITION against it.

From the petition site:

W petition the Obama Administration to crack down on puppy mills.

To prevent the suffering of dogs and puppies in puppy mills, will the President act to close the current regulatory loophole and require large-scale, commercial breeders who sell puppies online and directly to the public to be covered by USDA’s Animal Welfare Act regulations, including minimum standards for humane care and treatment? This will help to protect consumers from unknowingly buying sick puppies from inhumane facilities and help to eliminate the horrible conditions in large-scale puppy mills.


Visit PETA's Puppy Mill Info Page

Prisoners of

Puppy Mill Awareness

"Hope" today, thanks to Prisoners of rescue

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