Thursday, September 29, 2011

Bravo Spain!

The crowd cheers as the last dead bull of Barcelona
bullfighting is pulled from the arena


Spain is finally banning BULLFIGHTING, which isn't fighting at all but the brutal cruelty of spearing bulls in front of cheering whacked out crowds. How anyone can enjoy watching an animal being brutalized is entirely beyond our comprehension. However it's been Spain's number one tourist attraction for hundreds of years.

We couldn't be happier with Spain's decision to grow up and find their compassion. Bullfighting isn't what a modern society should be known for. Animal cruelty as a sport is still number one in many Asian and Middle Eastern countries and is that what a European capital wants to be known for? On the continent? NO!

Congrats to Spain for ending this barbarous stupidity.

Sadly, many are calling for bullfighting to be reinstated in other regions of the country. Losers.

We hope that compassion, mercy and good-sense win out in the end.

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