Monday, September 12, 2011

Serena Williams is a Loser

Sam Stosur celebrates her win

In every way Serena Williams is a complete jerkoff.

Australian Samantha Stosur kicked Serena's ass in the US Open Woman's Final yesterday winning the Tournament 6-2,6-3. It was awesome the way Stosur ran Williams around the court like Serena was new to the game.

However, Serena being Serena, in other words a complete bitch, had words with another official ala her 2009 rant where she threatened to shove a tennis ball down the officials throat.

Yesterday, Serena continued to be as unattractive on the court as she is off of it. "A furious Williams harangued umpire Eva Asderaki and then continued to insult the official at the next change of ends, calling her 'out of control', a 'hater' and 'unattractive inside'.

Really, Serena? Really?

It sounds as if you are describing yourself.

She then went on to not shake hands with the official after the match as is common courtesy. Someone doesn't understand "sportsmanship" at all.

We would have LOVED to LOVE Serena during her career. She had all the makings, if not more, to be a GREAT and BELOVED Champion. Plus, being an American she could have given us all such a huge sense of pride winning all of her tournaments. Her demeanor and attitude pretty much killed it off almost immediately. The way she wouldn't take to court unless she was wearing something ridiculous that she swore was fashion or without wearing huge hoop earrings made a joke of the sport. She seemed to take the sport seriously on one hand while lampooning it with the other. In interviews all she did was to talk about fashion and how much she loved it and went to school for it. She treats her own sport like it's a sideshow and not the real deal. We absolutely cannot stand her and hate that she is an American representative of tennis. We hope that this is the end of her career and we won't have to suffer through watching her anymore. The sooner she goes away the better.

The USTA will meet today to discuss another fine for the Big Bitch Cry Baby that is Serena Williams.

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