Tuesday, September 27, 2011

"Who's a Pretty Boy Then?"

Wild Galahs comparing notes

This is from Down Under - the Wonderful Land of Oz - Australia.

"ENTIRE flocks of wild galahs, cockatoos and corellas are learning to talk.

The wild birds are being taught by pet birds that have escaped or been released by their owners and joined the flocks.

This is a TRUE story! People are reporting that while in their backyards or other outdoor places where large flocks of birds are hanging out they are hearing them speak English.

"We have had people call us thinking they are going mad or had something put into their drink because they've gone out to look at the flock of birds in their backyard and all the birds have been saying something like: 'Who's a pretty boy then'?" the Australian Museum's naturalist, Martyn Robinson, said yesterday.

"These birds are very smart birds and very social and communication and contact is important between them.

"So the pet bird begins to say things it's been taught by its owner and the rest of the flock learns and starts speaking too, to mimic the pet bird," Mr Robinson said.

"I just hope a pet that's been taught dirty words doesn't join a flock."

WE DO! How freakin' funny would that be?

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Anonymous said...

He probably would sound like someone with Terets. Shit.....Cock....MotherFucker!!! LOL