Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is Apollo 18 Based on Real Events?

Apollo 18, the new Hollywood movie set to release this Friday, is of the "found footage" genre, ala Blair Witch, Cloverfield, Super 8, The Fourth Kind and Paranormal Activity. These films claim to be based on real footage found after the disaster/disappearance etc.

According to Bob Weinstein, head of the film studio, in Entertainment Weekly:
“People intrinsically know there are secrets being held from us, look at WikiLeaks: There are secrets that are really true to the world. It’s not bogus.” Weinstein also says. “We didn’t shoot anything, we found it. Found baby!”

Ok. Yeah.

This found film footage is as real as The Blair Witch. It even looks very cheesy from what little we've seen.

There are a lot of reasons to believe that we:
1) Never even went to the Moon
2) We went and found something that didn't want us there
3) or no Conspiracy at all. We went in the 60's and never went back just because

Now, we firmly believe, scenario's 1 and 2. There are logical and realistic logistical reasons why we couldn't have gotten there in the first place.

See our post: Omni Moon Conspiracy Article for more of our theories on this.

Scenario #2, intrigues us as well and this is where the cancelled Apollo missions 18-20 come in. It is a fact that NASA had more Apollo missions ready to roll and they were cancelled.

SO, WHY THE HELL DID WE NEVER GO BACK AT ALL? If it was "so easy" and conspiracists are morons for thinking it's made up, then why haven't we perfected moon travel in the last 50 years? You'd think we'd have regular shuttles for travel vacations up there already.

What DID we see up there?

There are so many reports of anomalies on the Moon that when you google "moon anomalies" you get back 2,580,000 results on 8o pages.

See our post: Omni Moon Anomalies Article for more of our theories on this.

There are Internet stories of at least one guy who was privy to the entire Apollo 18-20 cover up.

From Bad Ass William Rutledge states that "they were actually completed, but that they were joint US/Soviet efforts. The mixed crew went to the Moon where they explored a wrecked alien spaceship, first photographed by Apollo 15, and found the remains of at least two ETs."

It's all very vague and no one can ever prove anything really.
However, NASA is as shady an organization as it gets, so we wouldn't out it past them to cover up anything. It's their main policy.

Here's the official trailer:


Bill Thompson said...

Of course we went to the moon. Go to and they will debunk your crazy theory. No, there are NOT logical reasons for believing we did not go to the moon.

Anonymous said...

Also anyone who is so conceded that they think the possibility that we may have found something there isn't possible is just dumb in my opinion. This does fall along paranormal activity and the fourth kind, but cloverfield and blare witch were fake and no one really died from the claims in those movies. All the people from blare witch were college kids playing a prank and cloverfield not one thing about that was based on true events. The two people from paranormal activity are dead (not the actors), the girl that the fourth kind is based around really is in a wheelchair and missing her daughter. I'm just saying you did some bad comparison.

Anonymous said...

This is like the story of Dead space games. Maybe they found something that turned the moonwalkers into something zombie-like. However, there are no hard evidences that can seal that theory.